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20 Anos do Lançamento do Violator

Ontem foi comemorado os 20 anos de lançamento do album Violator considerado por fãs e critica a obra prima do Depeche Mode, um marco na história da musica eletrônica, um album, que dispensa qualquer comentário no que se refere a sua qualidade musical, os mestres da sofisticação eletrônica elevados a status de DEUS!

Violator é o 7º álbum do Depeche Mode, lançado em 19 de Março de 1990, produzido pela banda em parceria com Flood, que já produziu álbuns como o The Joshua Tree, do U2.

Esse disco é lembrado como a obra-prima da banda, um dos mais importantes da música eletrônica e um dos melhores da história, com uma variedade de músicas muito bem aproveitada, arranjos diferentes e inspirados com uma composição sólida de ambas letras e harmonia.

O álbum foi a maior de todas as transformações sonoras da banda, abandonando o Synth Pop e samplers dos anos 80 e se dedicando a sintetizadores analógicos em prol de uma espécie de "Rock eletrônico dançante", que posteriormente seria chamado de Synth Rock. Entrementes, é um dos mais influentes álbuns do Depeche Mode, inspirando bandas como Pet Shop Boys e Smashing Pumpkins.

Nunca um álbum de música eletrônica havia causado tanto frísson e alcançado tamanha popularidade assim desde Music For The Masses (também do DM) e Power, Corruption and Lies do New Order. Todos os seus singles fizeram um enorme sucesso e se tornaram clássicos instantâneos do grupo. É um álbum chave na história da música eletrônica, já que no mesmo ano a "Dance music" explodiria no mundo todo, com Depeche Mode quase pastoreando o fenômeno.

A música Personal Jesus virou uma mania no mundo todo e é constantemente colocada entre as melhores de todos os tempos, como um importante single, best-seller e uma faixa de ótima qualidade. Tem uma batida country, energia contagiante e fortíssima composição.

O Mega-Hit do álbum, na verdade, é Enjoy The Silence, uma das mais populares músicas (senão a mais popular) do Depeche Mode e colocada como uma das rainhas da Música Eletrônica, ao lado de Bizarre Love Triangle do New Order, Robots do Kraftwerk e West End Girls, dos Pet Shop Boys. Com sua bela melodia e emoção, entrou pro Top 10 na Billboard US Hot 100 e liderou rádios alternativas por três semanas consecutivas.

Policy Of Truth, uma das mais dançantes, elogiadas, preferidas da banda e bem vendidas do álbum também fez um sucesso enorme nas rádios alternativas e pistas de dança, quase liderando ambas simultâneamente. Entrou pro Top 20 na US Hot 100 e liderou rádios alternativas por uma semana.

World In My Eyes também é lembrada com carinho por fãs e integrantes, por causa da sua batida criativa e letra fácil de entender, com um toque excitante. É claramente uma faixa feita para dançar.

O álbum estreou em 7° lugar na Billboard 200, com uma noite de autógrafos marcada para o dia do lançamento em uma livraria em Nova York. Porém , mais de 17.000 fãs apareceram, 10 vezes mais que o esperado; logo o evento teve que ser cancelado.

Vendeu 10,2 milhões de cópias de acordo com cálculos atualizados feitos pela gravadora Mute Records (é triplo platina tanto nos E.U.A. quanto no Reino Unido) e recebeu uma versão remasterizada, incluindo DVD com clipes e documentário em 2006.

20 Melhores Vozes Masculinas do Rock

Segundo a Revista CWG Magazine, são elas:

1. Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode. The most hauntingly beautiful voice. Controversial, I know, but also the highest quality discography spanning over such a long period of time, three decades, in fact. I love Bono, but lately U2 just hasn’t been making it happen for me. While Depeche Mode’s release from last year, “Sounds of The Universe,” wasn’t quite comparable to the magic of their 80’s and 90’s CDs, I still cannot help but melt when I think of Gahan’s eerie style on the song “Wrong.” Combined with the deep messages of the band, compliments of the perfectly angst-y Martin Gore, Dave’s voice is utter perfection. I pity myself for not becoming a fan until 4 years ago. A truly pathetic and shamed music fan indeed to have this missing from my life for 20 years. Top voice moments would have to be the slow but hard ear beatings of “The Dead of Night,” the perfect mood-setter for a vampire movie soundtrack. Also, “In Your Room” gets my rocks on. I’d skip his solo album though, it’s just not up to par.

2. Bono of U2. A surprising choice for runner-up, in any scenario, Bono will always be a miracle worker. Perfecting his instrument masterfully over the years, not to mention his style. Though I don’t know how much longer leather and shades can hold up for an aging genius, a signature is a signature. The band, like Depeche mode has a career that spans over three decades, possibly 4 if you count a formation in the 70’s, though no CD release. I find Bono’s voice more beautiful than Dave Gahan, but I find Gahan’s better overall and more memorable, if that makes any sense. Bono is a pioneer, musically and in his humanitarian efforts. Whether experimenting with brit-pop influenced alternative on their 1993 CD Zooropa or synth and disco sounds on their 1997 CD Pop, the band only continued to gain credibility due to their ability to evolve. I must say I’d like to see another concept album from U2. ‘Till then I’ll just have to enjoy the old material. While Bono continues to become more iconic individually, their music has suffered in the past decade. I have faith that now that it’s officially a new decade they still at least have the ability to surprise me.

3. Paul Simon of Simon and Garfunkel. Oh my god, I do not possess the writing ability to describe my brain function the first time I heard Simon and Garfunkel. It was Paul Simon’s voice, specifically, that stood out to me. Not that the music wasn’t catchy, not that Garfunkel failed miserably, I just have a love for the man. Simon only sealed the deal for me with his massively successful solo career, especially his live Concert In The Park performance and CD. One of the top 100 songs ever, for me, is “The Sound of Silence.” Even though Garfunkel and Simon harbored hatred for each other, their voices complimented one another perfectly. Two of Simon’s solo career highlights songs are “Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard” and “The Obvious Child.”

4. Layne Staley of Alice In Chains. I’m a little appalled by the fact that Alice In Chains are still touring and making albums. Staley’s shoes are just too big to fill, even by former backup singer Jerry Cantrell, or that new 20-something sidekick. A key figure in Grunge music, along with fellow list- mates Cobain, Weiland, Vedder and Cornell. Staley, like Cobain, reached the pinnacle of proving his vocal worth on an MTV Unplugged performance. Layne Staley managed to distort his own voice without any sort of vocoder nonsense, just pure skill. Like Cornell, he was capable of rocking out and suddenly toned down all in one song. “Down In A Hole” will always be one of the most genuine displays of depression and self-doubt in a vocal performance. Like Cobain, Staley was gone too soon. He battled severely with drug addiction and passed away in 2002. “Would” is a must-listen.

5. David Bowie. The man who sold the world, sold and transcended all genres, boundaries and sexuality. Influenced everyone from The Smiths to Lady Gaga. With such complexity, it’s hard to focus on just one thing. Though he does have an amazing voice, it is sometimes overshadowed by his style and dramatic performances. Bowie made Disco music, straight Rock ‘n Roll, Punk, New Wave and Pop, sometimes combining genres. He shows off his Rolling Stones and Beatles side on “Queen Bitch” and “Ziggy Stardust” while displaying a little soul on “Modern Love.” David Bowie is also the most notable androgynous person I can think of besides Michael Jackson, though with Michael it wasn’t intentional.

6. Elliot Smith of Heatmiser. If you are an Elliot Smith fan you must know of his career as co-singer of the band Heatmiser. Forget being an Elliot Smith fan, if you are a rock fan, you need a Heatmiser album in your collection. I suggest Dead Air as your first purchase. Heatmiser were nothing like the ridiculously slow solo career that Elliot Smith cultivated his fan base off of. They were hard and fast like Seaweed or the Pixies. Elliot’s voice shines on every song, but good examples are the unusually slow Heatmiser track “Plainclothes Man” or the faster paced “Collect To NYC.” Smith was perfectly capable of rocking out and then smoothing and slowing down for his solo work, like the memorable Good Will Hunting favorite “Miss Misery,” or “Between The Bars” from the CD Either/Or.

7. Steven Patrick Morrissey of The Smiths. I enjoy putting the “Steven Patrick” part in there just for confusion’s sake. Always referred to as plain old “Morrissey,” this man could only ever be stifled by my limited vocabulary. He is legendary, and like so many on this list, has the necessary quality lyrics I require for an A+ review. Pop music of lately is completely void of smart and witty lyrics, ones like The Smiths used to use in their songs. Ones like Morrissey still uses in his solo career. The man is still touring for god’s sake! And he’s not in shambles like members of Aerosmith or The Rolling Stones. He looks good, fresh, free and genuine. Listen to Morrissey on his solo tracks, “You Have Killed Me,” “November Spawned A Monster” and “Everyday Is Like Sunday.” Not to mention Smith’s tracks, such as “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want” and “Bigmouth Strikes Again.”

8. Thom Yorke of Radiohead. Yorke might not even have made this list had I listened to my gut, which is often wrong, despite what people say about intuition. I’m not a big Radiohead fan, but I appreciate that the weirdo has a great voice. This has been made apparent to me on my favorite “sort of” Radiohead track remade with a reggae beat by Easy Star All-Stars, “Karma Police.” All praise Jah, smoke dem tumbleweeds, wah wah wakka wah wah. I also enjoy “Talk Show Host,” it remains my favorite actual Radiohead song besides “Creep.” Very mainstream of me, I’m aware. Yorke is a beautiful voice accompanied by a mildly boring band.

9. Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. I feel stupid even writing “Kurt Cobain of Nirvana.” Everyone globally knows who Kurt Cobain was. The only way you could not know him is if you lived and died before the release of “Bleach,” in which case you are dead and a ghost and hopefully are not capable of reading this. Because if you are dead and reading this I think it means you haven’t passed through to the other side, indicating that you are evil. Speaking of ghosts, Kurt Cobain’s energy thrives on within so many bands of today. Including obvious choices like Foo Fighters and Queens of The Stone Age and even The White Stripes and System of a Down. While Nirvana themselves were influenced by bands that somehow to this day are not quite as recognized, like The Melvins, Sonic Youth and The Pixies. I actually saw Frank Blank the other day in Portland at a restaurant and nobody in my vicinity knew who he was when I mentioned it. Either I surround myself with music idiots or The Pixies simply aren’t as big as I imagine them to be, whereas if Nirvana were still around, the appearance of Kurt Cobain in a local Seattle restaurant could never go unrecognized. Nor will his voice ever go unrecognized. Though seemingly a little untalented in smoothness, his crack-voiced nature is a partial definition of Grunge. We were shown a softer and more mainstream side of his voice at the famous MTV Unplugged concert where Cobain shined on the Meat Puppet covers “Lake Of Fire” and “Plateau.”

10.Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. While no band on this list can match Bowie’s 24 studio albums or even R.E.M’s 14 or U2 and Depeche Mode’s 12 albums, Pearl Jam has had quite a career themselves, with 9 full albums. Full, high quality albums, I might add. With the special experimentation and growth of Vitalogy, No Code and Yield. Not to mention classics like Vs. and Ten. They continue to surprise, while flying slightly under the radar as of late. When was the last time you heard the latest Pearl Jam song playing at a sporting event or in a commercial? I’m not sure if this is due to Eddie Veddar’s wonderful disregard for fame or just that the music industry doesn’t want to promote the music. Regardless of commercial success, the band continues to surprise. Veddar shows off his chops on songs like “Off He Goes” and “Black,” while remaining raucous and cool on “Evenflow” and “Spin The Black Circle.”

11. Curt Smith of Tears For Fears. Tears For Fears might very well find it “kind of funny and kind of sad” how the movie Donnie Darko regurgitated their music’s popularity by covering “Mad World” and making it slower and apparently sadder. The wrinkle lines on my forehead continue to grow when I hear such things. To me, the song was already pretty damn melancholy and amazing. It’s a good cover, but wasn’t quite the way I wanted to see Tears For Fears gain a younger audience. All that cover song did was encourage people to download or buy the Donnie Darko soundtrack. Regardless, they still have the loyalty of their older fans and are touring currently. A perfect opportunity for people to hear Curt Smith’s voice one last time. Not that Smith is on the verge of tragedy, but who knows when the next time you’ll have a chance to see this iconic band will be. I’m a sucker for soothing melodies, good lyrics and heavenly male voices. Now, that may sound like the cheesiest thing ever, but it doesn’t negate it. Curt Smith and Tears For Fears possess these qualities. Curt Smith possesses a similar voice to that of The Church’s Steve Kilbey and Echo And The Bunnymen’s Ian McCulloch. Listen to “Watch Me Bleed” and of course, “Mad World” for inspiration.

12. Richard Butler of Psychedelic Furs. If a cigarette-addicted angel had ever dropped from heaven and snuck slyly into the music industry it would have to have been Richard Butler. It’s quite shocking, as with many singers, to hear the voice and then later see the image they belong to. A short, skinny adorable little sweater-wearing elf was singing these beautiful songs to me all along? Well, it changes nothing, but I imaged someone a little more serious. Serious looking, that is. No individual singing these type of songs could possibly be a total Steve-O. I believe that a truly good singer requires comprehension. That’s why American Idol sucks so much ass, these people have no comprehension of the emotion behind the songs they’re singing. If they have felt pain, it’s probably aesthetic ridicule or perhaps a divorce in their family. Though Richard Butler is no Ray Charles, he certainly conveys the proper emotions to fit the band’s songs. A bit of a David Bowie, he tends to rarely change tones. “President Gas” manages to convey a hint of anger and confusion while conveying love and sadness in “Heaven.” While I love Psychedelic Furs endlessly, my favorite Richard Butler track has to be “Am I Wrong” by side project band Love Spit Love. Their cover of The Smith’s “How Soon Is Now” isn’t bad either.

13. Mike Patton of Faith No More. Mike Patton is the most versatile voice of all male singers. He often goes from metal or rap into an R&B-style melody. He is the male equal to Sandra Nasic of Guano Apes, if you know who I’m talking about. Otherwise, I’ll have to draw you an eardrum picture. Imagine if a can of rocks being shook could sound somehow nice and then the can stopped shaking and the rocks turned to stones skipping across water. That’s what Patton’s voice is like, rocks shaking, then stones skipping, “like butter,” as the SNL church ladies would say. After Faith No More, Patton went solo as Mr. Bungle, then formed the ridiculously hard on the ears band, Fantomas, then the slightly more listenable Tomahawk then the even more likable Peeping Tom. He appears as a guest on many artist’s tracks including Serj Tankian of System Of A Down. Key examples of Patton’s versatility would have to be Faith No More’s “Land Of Sunshine” and Tomahawk’s “God Hates A Coward.”

15. Ian Brown of The Stone Roses. Like Living Colour, Stone Roses were at the height of their career in the 80’s. Many predicted they would be the next big, big thing. Sadly the band only released two albums, disbanding in 1996 after John Squire, who wrote most of their material, left the group. Ian Brown has had a fairly successful career as a solo musician, releasing six studio albums spanning from 1998 to 2009. Before starting his solo career he strongly considered simply becoming a gardener. He is known for his live performances, where he often uses bizarre hand gestures. Hand gestures are something I wouldn’t be noticing as much as the man’s voice. It has grown since his Stone Roses success, becoming more raw. This change can be heard by first listening to the Stone Roses track “She Bangs The Drums,” then to Ian Brown’s solo “Sister Rose.”

16. Michael Hutchence of INXS. Like Kurt Cobain, Elliot Smith and Layne Staley, Michael Hutchence died before his time. Not due to suicide or overdose, which are often one in the same. Though drugs and alcohol were found in his body, Michael died in the same way that actor David Carradine died last year, due to erotic asphyxiation. The remaining members of INXS desperately attempt to continue their career by seeking a new lead on a reality show in 2005 and by creating a soon-to-be-released CD, featuring various guest singers such as Brandon Flowers and Ben Harper. The band is obviously lacking and needs to give up the INXS name, as it died with Hutchence. ANY group whose lead singer dies or leaves should, with few exceptions, disband and form anew under a different title. Like I said there are some exceptions, like with Faith No More, Mike Patton himself was a replacement singer for Chuck Mosley. Michael Hutchence had a fairly versatile voice himself, with Prince-like smoothness and sex appeal. Though many people have only heard “I Need You Tonight,” INXS has tons of classics like “Never Tear Us Apart,” “New Sensation” and “Listen Like Thieves.”

17. Corey Glover of Living Colour. One of the greatest, most talented and charismatic lead singers of all time, Glover is a best-kept secret of rock music. The band, like Stone Roses, were predicted to become much bigger than the end result. Not that Living Colour aren’t amazing. Their live shows are a fantastic spectacle, with 15 minute drum solos and insanely lively antics. Glover, like Patton, shows a great range of anger and calm. Not only one of the best lead singers of all time but by far the best and African American rock singer besides Jimi Hendrix. Their 2009 CD and tour proved they are still a force to be reckoned with. They display their endless talent on new songs like “Behind The Sun” and “Burned Bridges,” and on classic tracks like “Cult Of Personality” and “Desperate People.”

18. Michael Stipe of R.E.M. The bald, dress-wearing poet that is Michael Stipe certainly belongs on this list, but I had no idea where. Near the end seems a little sad, but by no means undermines his abilities. R.E.M.’s career spans over three decades, with 14 CDs, though I barely want to count that drum-machine disaster of 1998, Up. Otherwise, R.E.M. is a wonderful band, though probably not in my top 10, more like top 30. Stipe has a sometimes soothing and then sometimes cackling voice. The soothing part seen on “Losing My Religion” and “Bang And Blame” and the cackling seen on “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” and “Orange Crush.”

19. Chris Cornell of Soundgarden. Oh the weird wonder of Chris Cornell, whose success in Soundgarden and Audioslave amazes. As a solo artist, he stinks worse than the urine of someone who recently ate asparagus and then washed it down with a tall cup of coffee. Every time he releases a solo CD I know it means shortly after, something good will come of it. He knows he needs the money, and cannot achieve such riches alone. So after his last crappy solo CD was released last year, there were rumors of him getting back with Soundgarden, which were recently confirmed. Realistically they will appear strictly at festivals and fail to make a new CD, which would be good enough for me if any of these festivals were in Oregon. I’ve seen this happen with Rage Against The Machine as well. No CD, no real tour! Here’s hoping. In the meantime there’s shiny favorites like Soundgarden’s “Outshined” and “Fell On Black Days” and Audioslave’s “Show Me How To Live.”

20. Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots. Unlike Chris Cornell, this grunge pioneer has managed two good solo albums. Still, no solo career can quench my Stone Temple Pilots thirst. Their new CD, and first in 9 years, is scheduled to be released on May 25th. For a man in his 40’s he looks pretty good, and sounds damn good too. Weiland has struggled with heroin addiction over the years, so it’s surprising he has kept his roguish appearance and manly voice. On “Wicked Garden” he sings about losing one’s innocence and purity. While he may have lost some naivety to drugs and a rock star life, he didn’t lose his ability to enthrall his audience. I can’t wait for the new STP album and I can’t wait for them to possibly tour and maybe, just maybe, come to Portland or Seattle. Hearing his voice echo throughout The Rose Garden would be quite a thrill. He is the Christian Slater of music, and everyone with any sense has got to be rooting for him. Listen to his solo songs “Blind Confusion” or “Missing Cleveland.” Or, for a more stadium, Dolby-Digital-style experience, put on the entire Core CD and rock your balls off.

Fonte: CWG Magazine.

I Got a Feeling I Just Can't Get Enough

Fonte: The Zombie Room

Itapema FM - Saturday Night Live

O trio dave gahan, martin gore e andrew fletcher é atração neste final de semana no saturday night live.

Sábado, a partir das 19h, ouça um especial com os melhores momentos do show realizado no dia 17 de fevereiro deste ano no famoso Royal Albert Hall em Londres, palco que ainda não havia sido pisado pelo Depeche Mode.

Como se não bastasse, o show foi em prol da Teenager Cancer Trust, uma instituição que cuida de adolescentes e jovens adultos com a doença no reino unido. Estes concertos beneficentes estão completando 10 anos e têm como padrinho Roger Daltrey, vocalista do The Who.

Em entrevista ao site gigwise, daltrey disse que quando sua banda subiu ao palco há 10 anos pela causa, não tinha ideia da repercussão que estas ações teriam. Pelos seus cálculos, quase 9 milhões de libras já foram arrecadados neste tempo.

Para ouvir no RS: FM 102,3
Para ouvir em SC: FM 120,7
Para ouvir: On-Line

Já que gostaria de compartilhar novamente o clipe do single Fragile Tension, que você já vem ouvindo há um tempinho na programação da Itapema FM.

Entrevista do Jean ao Blog Collector's Room

Quem acompanha o nosso blog sabe que o amigo Jean, o qual tive o prazer de conhecer na Argentina em 2009 após longos anos de conversas on-line, é um dos colaboradores do nosso blog, além de deter uma coleção inacreditável e espetacular de itens do Depeche Mode, o blog Collector's Room, o convidou para uma entrevista muito legal, onde ele fala entre outras coisas sobre o Depeche Mode, seus devotos, e muito mais, vale a pena ler!

Best International Band 2010

Depeche Mode ganhou o premio de Best international Band 2010, derotando bandas como o A-ha, U2, Black Eyed Peas, Gossip e Razorlight:

Momento da chegada de Andy e Martin para a premiação:

Entrevista Durante a Premiação:

Premio Entregue por Paul Van Dyk - The Best International Band 2010:

Dialogo no momento da Premiação:

Andy: O que podemos dizer? Está muito quente aqui. Quando a festa começa?

Martin: Eu gostaria de dizer que estamos juntos há muito tempo e que eu consigo contar com dois dedos o número de prêmios que ganhamos. Então muito obrigado!

Andy: Eu gostaria de agradecer ao Daniel Miller (... o tradutor não me deixa entender a quem mais ele agradece nessa parte) . Nós finalizamos nossa turnê mundial em Dusseldorf, e eu gostaria de agradecer aos nossos fãs alemães - vocês realmente são os melhores!

Martin: Obrigado.

Fonte das Informações: Breno - Comunidade Depeche Mode Orkut.

Evanescence Influenciado pelo Depeche Mode

Amy Lee, da banda de rock Evanescence, disse em uma entrevista para a revista Rolling Stone dos EUA, que a banda tem as influências do novo disco do grupo na banda Depeche Mode, e que o album terá uma pegada mais voltada à música eletrônica.

Nota do Blogueiro: Eu particularmente gosto do som do Evanescence, saber dessa noticia me deixou muito feliz, pois pode levar o Depeche Mode as "Massas Jovens"....